Who are we?

We are an enthusiastic and experienced team of specialists in teaching languages, translating and interpreting. Excellently prepared to support business and private customers in the communication process, something we’ve been doing for years.


Meet the team!

Anna Banasiewicz

Responsible for customer communication to ensure the effective organisation of projects and the efficient flow on information. Masters in English from AMU/graduate of the School for Interpreters and Foreign Languages AMU. More than a decades experience in an international corporation. Looks after the smooth running and quality of services provided. Believes in ongoing development, learning new points of view and solutions. Never stops learning and enjoys sharing that knowledge with others. Favourite saying, “Don’t  talk unless  you can improve  the silence” Jorge Luis  Borges.


English tutor/methodologist

Kamila Kempara-Sobowska

Master’s in English from AMU/graduate of the School for Interpreters and Foreign Languages AMU. Leads and supervises courses mainly in Business English and oversees the methodological preparation of classes. Applies the communicative-conversational method of CLT, promoting an individual approach to learners and focussed on creative thinking. During lessons, in Kamila’s opinion, what matters is a natural, friendly atmosphere where students can freely develop their linguistic abilities.

Translator of legal and financial texts

Anna Matysiak – Janowicz

Graduate in English specialising in translation and post-graduate studies in accountancy. More than a decade’s experience in corporate banking enriched her linguistic competences with detailed, specific knowledge in the area of law and finance. Loves words. In her work, she aims to preserve the sense of the text as faithfully as possible while reflecting the specifics of the differing legal and cultural systems.

Not knowing the power of words, it’s impossible to know the person