Learning never exhausts the mind

Leonardo da vinci



We are full of enthusiasm and a desire to support you in learning, to share our knowledge, to ease communication, to inspire those seeking new horizons, those who want to explore and go off the beaten track in their search for interesting challenges, opportunities and solutions.


To this end, we can teach you the language to make negotiating easier, to help you find compromises in your business dealings, so you can write well-constructed emails, create websites and product offers. During the learning process, we pay a lot of attention to listening to your needs as we understand that they constantly evolve due to a whole range of factors. We’ll change the methodology and lesson style to match.


We are convinced that thanks to an understanding of other languages and cultures, your business dealings and collaborations will be even more effective and fruitful.

step by step

We establish what the customer needs

We specify the terms of collaboration. We present a proposal fitted to the customer’s needs.

We establish the roles

We assess your current language level and establish the details regarding the form of learning: group composition/individual classes/ schedule, online/face to face etc. We pick the right teacher, materials, tools.

The course starts

Students learn new skills while we maintain the quality of the courses working closely with your HR department.